Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday, September 26th

The End to Another Busy Week!

In math we have continued studying numbers! They are all around us! We have practiced using a number line and a 100’s chart. We are beginning to practice and learn strategies for remembering addition and subtraction facts.

Today we introduced science into our first grade curriculum! We are investigating properties of water and have observed some pretty cool things! Check out our class Facebook page to see pictures! So much fun!

In literacy we have been working in both large group and guided reading groups to investigate characteristics of friends and family. We are learning how our families and friends are connected to us! We have also begun our fall assessments including FAST, which is replacing DIBELS that your child took 3 times last year. We are also beginning MAPS testing which I am excited to share with you at parent-teacher conferences!!

Next week is homecoming! I hope you have all gotten a chance to look through the purple paper sent home this week. Included are several dress up days! Please see below for details:

A Peek At Next Week:
Monday: Library
* Character Day

Tuesday: P.E.
* America/Camo Day

Wednesday: Art
* Favorite Sport/Sports Team

Thursday: P.E.
* Hawaiin/Tropical Day
* Chipshoppe Fundraiser Assembly
(Packets will be sent home)

Friday: Music
* School Colors
* 3 Hour Early Out HOMECOMING
* Parade @ 2:00
* Football Game @ 7:00

* Sack lunches will be served for lunch today!

Friday, September 5, 2014

The End to Another Busy Week

We have officially completed our first 11 days of school. Students have been busy getting to know each other and making new friends within our classroom! We have learned and practiced classroom routines and structure as well as school wide expectations through the program called PBIS. Has you child mentioned Cadet Tickets, Cadet Bucks, or Gumballs?! Those are all part of our reward system for making good (Big Me) choices!!

I am so proud of our class for learning how to show respect, responsibility, trustworthiness, and care throughout our school days!! They have also learned how to use their BRAVE TALK to solve problems!! Here is how BRAVE TALK works:
1.       Say the person’s name
2.  Say the problem
3.  Ask them to please stop

An example of brave talk is as follows*** Mrs. Rausch, I don’t like it when you budge in front of me, can you please go to the back of the line?!

Have you been able to visit our classroom’s Facebook Page? I try to add pictures and reminders several times a week! Share this link with grandparents and other family members that may want to be active in following your child throughout the school year!!

 Math “Home Links” are beginning to come home tonight. These are informational forms with a brief homework assignment almost everyday for families’ to stay connected with what we are learning in school! This week we have worked on making tallies, “frog jumping,” and solving word problems. Please take a few minutes this weekend to work with your child on finding numbers at home whether in a magazine or around the house and either draw or cut out these pictures!!

Cadet Time is ½ an hour of our day where students are able to practice reading skills such as phonics, comprehension, tricky words, etc. First grade is lucky to all have the same Cadet Time. If your child mentions spending time in Mrs. Mahr, Mrs. Voves, or Mrs. Berg’s first grade classroom that simply means that they spent that ½ an hour learning in a different classroom environment. Throughout the school year we will be switching up groups based on ability level in whatever skills we are working on in school! This is usually the students’ favorite time of the day apart from pe and recess!

Have a great weekend!!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

 ** Welcome to First Grade **

Class 1B is off to a great start and I’m wondering if your child is as tired as I am?! Thursday was jam-packed with the usual school/classroom orientation and learning and practicing routines and procedures.

Are you familiar with the term “Cadet Pride?” Howard-Winneshiek schools implements a management system titled: Positive Behavior Intervention Supports (PBIS). PBIS allows all teachers and staff in the Crestwood Elementary/JH building to utilize common language when reinforcing behavior expectations. As a teacher, I never like to focus on negative behaviors in the classroom, hallways, and common areas in our building; instead, I focus on identifying positive behaviors and interactions among children. If your child is demonstrating Cadet Pride, they are being RESPECTFUL, RESPONSIBLE, TRUSTWORTHY, AND CARING and they will be rewarded for their positive behaviors! Look for more information to follow in the meantime, if you hear your child say “I got a Cadet Pride Ticket” that is something to be celebrated! They are being rewarded!

In our short two days of school, students have had the opportunity to demonstrate Cadet Pride as well as to create a set of classroom expectations. We read the book “Little Me, Big Me,” which is a book utilized by Mrs. McCabe in guidance and in some of the kindergarten classrooms. Students discussed that it is better to make “Big Me” choices such as helping a friend, showing Cadet Pride, and using kind words rather than to make “Little Me” choices such as yelling, hitting, not following directions, etc.
Check out our classroom Facebook Page to see pictures of our experience!

Search: Fun-Tastic First Graders

Friday, May 23, 2014

Monday: Memorial Day
** No School **

Tuesday: Art
** Popcorn & Quiet Reading

Wednesday: PE
Rock N Roll to the Fitness Center
Class 1B swims from 12:30 1:30

Thursday: No Music
Spring Trip to Lake Meyer & Fish Hatchery
(see note for more details)

Friday: PE
USA Wear Red, White, Blue
Walk to East Park

Monday: Library
Sue Z Que’s Ice Cream Celebration
Xtra Recess

Tuesday: LAST DAY OF 1ST Grade!!
** 3 Hour Early Dismissal **
Year End Cleaning
Zip & Zoom outta school!

Friday, May 16, 2014

The A B C Countdown Continues as we wind down to the end of the year!

Monday: Hop onto the iPad for free time!
Tuesday: Joke Day: Bring your favorite joke to school to share with your friends!!
Wednesday: Kindness & Lollipop Day (we will write kind notes to each other while enjoying a lollipop sucker!)
Thursday: Write your favorite Memories!
Friday: Name Bingo & Orange Day (Wear the color orange!)

Other happenings to be aware of:
Monday: Our class will be visiting the public library where Arla will present summer programs to our students. We will be walking to and from the library.
* We also have our last Guidance class of the year!

Tuesday: Last Day of Title 1

Friday: Read N Feed Smores Celebration
* Please return your portion of the invite as soon as possible!!  The event is from 2:30-3:00

Monday, May 26th: NO SCHOOL

Wednesday, May 28th: Fitness Center Fun Day!
* Our class swims from 12:30-1:30 *

Thursday, May 29th: Lake Meyer & Fish Hatchery Field Trip
* More info to follow *

Friday, May 30th: 1st Graders are walking to East Park

Tuesday, June 3rd: 3 Hour Early Out
* Last Day of 1st Grade *